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This year is THE YEAR

The year you're going to become fluent in Spanish.

This probably isn't the first time you promised yourself that.

But what if I told you this year could really be it - the year you finally felt confident using your Spanish at a café, chatting with your in-laws in their native language or working with that new client in Spain?


Let's talk

Your reasons for wanting to get fluent vary. You might...

  • Plan to spend some time in a Spanish speaking country but you are waiting until you are "just a bit more fluent" in the language.
  • Have an important upcoming business meeting or call with a client who is a native speaker and you feel unprepared unless you memorize some kind of script.
  • Feel like "you're taking a test" from back in school when your husband and his family chat in Spanish and you can't make yourself do it.

Here is the thing

You actually have a good grasp on the Spanish language. For the most part, you understand native Spanish speakers pretty well (or so you tell yourself).

The problem lies more in how you're able to express yourself in Spanish. You feel you're struggling more than you should with communicating in Spanish. You're smart and articulate in English.

You know how to speak with precision, add in splashes of personality and sound like an intelligent, charming person.

Doing that in Spanish? Forget about it.

So instead you...

  • Freeze up when the hotel concierge tries to swap stories with you in Spanish - Why do they speak so fast?
  • Feel nervous about going to big family gatherings because you're sure that your mistakes will make everyone dislike you for butchering their language.
  • Avoid taking on native speaking clients even though to some extent your work depends on it and they could hugely benefit your career.

As a Spaniard now living in Chicago, I KNOW how frustrating all of that can be.

Learning another language is a personal process

And despite what you've heard before, there's no such thing as a "quick" and "easy" way to become fluent.

Sure, there are programs and apps that help you get the basics of grammar and vocabulary down.

Or you can find a Spanish exchange partner to chat with you over coffee once a month.

You could even self-study and pick up a grammar book and dig into the nitty-gritty stuff like the pronoun "se" and its (many) uses on your own.

Different things work for different people

And they might be a good starting point, but honestly...

Language learning software doesn't know what YOU need to learn to feel competent and offers little to no interaction with another human being.

Making "conversation meetups" a habit isn't that effective because being a native speaker doesn't automatically make someone a good teacher.

And who really wants to spend their free time reading about pronouns in isolation without getting any real life practice and feedback?

Everyone has different needs and wants to learn a language for different reasons. And I know how discouraging can be to find the program, book or partner that will teach you exactly what YOU need to know.

But I believe I can help you.



I'm a Spanish language teacher + coach with twenty years of experience and the founder of ever FLUENT.

I help English speakers wanting to improve their Spanish go from timidly-proficient to boldly-fluent, so they stop shying away from conversations and finally feel confident speaking in a second language.

I understand from experience how you can easily become discouraged in your language learning because you don't have the motivation, the structure or the support to get past the "walls" we all reach when studying a foreign language.

And what I know is that when you have access to:

  • A live experienced teacher who fully understands the material.
  • Personalized teaching within the context of exchanging ideas.
  • The structure and organization that shows you where to begin and what you need to work on next.
  • Clear step-by-step explanations with plenty of examples.
  • And consistent opportunities to practice while receiving feedback,

You can process the information (and not merely memorize it) and finally communicate freely and with confidence while having real conversations. 

And that's why I've created a series of one-on-one services for learners who want to finally make this year the year they get fluent in Spanish.

(See below to get the details)



I was skeptical

"At first, I was skeptical that an online service would work for me because I thought it would not be tailored to my needs. I found the classes to be wonderful. Elisa has a very clear and concise way to make things easy to understand and to address aspects that would normally give me fits."  Arthur Nelson

Exciting to advance and feel more confident

"It's been exciting to advance and feel more confident. The classes really pinpointed my needs and Elisa speaks very clearly so she's easy to understand."  Christopher Myers

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