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Your Spanish Has Gotten To A Good Level But You Could Use Some Pointers On The SUBJUNCTIVE Tenses.

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You are not after a quiet life

So clamming up when it's time to correctly use your Spanish skills...it's not working.

You're smart, you're articulate, and you've done all your homework.

Yet you still feel like you're struggling more than you should when you try to speak.

I get it

Becoming fluent is about more than getting by while living abroad or traveling.

It's about

Having the ability to express what you want.

Talking with confidence.

So you can

Move to a foreign land.

Have working command of the language.

Accept that ideal job.

Work with those Spanish speaking clients.

Live abroad confidently.

And most importantly... sound like you in Spanish.

Because anything else wouldn't be living your dreams.



Break bad habits and sound much more fluent

"You really make it easy to comprehend things that have been hard for me for so long. The comparisons of use in Spanish to my native English really helped me break bad habits and now sound much more fluent." Barbara Ruiz

It works well for professionals who need a boost

"I would recommend these courses to anyone who feels they have plateaued with their Spanish and needs to energize their language learning. This service really works well for professionals who need a boost or have specific gaps that standard courses don't touch." Andrew Davis

Hi, I'm Elisa.

A Spanish teacher and coach. And I'm here to help you finally communicate well en español.


I help English speakers wanting to improve their Spanish go from timidly-proficient to boldly-fluent, so they stop shying away from conversations and finally feel confident speaking in a second language.


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Could You Use Some Pointers on the Subjunctive Tenses?

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